Professional Goals

Below are a few of the goals I have set for myself that I hope to accomplish through my future career and my life in general. Below each goal is a concrete example of what I am doing to further each pursuit.

  • To advance the state of automated software testing in the software engineering field

    Through my current internship with Front Porch Inc., I am learning the fundamentals of automated software testing. I hope to make a positive impact on the efficiency and breadth of automation testing at Front Porch and to gain experience that will advance common knowledge on the topic in the future. For obvious reasons, I cannot publish actual code or formal documentation, but you can get a small picture of what I've done here.

  • To promote and advance the paradigm of test-driven development and unit testing coupled with system testing.

    I first learned of this paradigm in Cal Poly's CSC 308/309 Software Engineering sequence. During the analysis and design phases, I acted as the Quality Assurance Manager of my group. For the implementation, testing, and maintenance phases, I was the Test Manager. To see what I produced during this project, check out the Software Engineering section of my portfolio.

  • To develop challenging applications for popular mobile platforms, such as iOS and Android

    I am currently working on an asynchronous, turn-based board game that will initially be launched for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch). The game will have multiple screens, in-game chat, turn notifications, and central control of turns by a remote server so that players in a given game may be located anywhere in the world that has Internet connectivity. It is currently in the design phase and is being designed such that it will be possible to port the game to other platforms, such as Android OS, and allow players on completely different mobile platforms to play each other.

  • To increase in my knowledge of operating system-level programming, particularly in the *NIX world

    This learning process began for me in Cal Poly's Systems Programming, Operating Systems, and Networks courses. I developed several useful programs in these classes, some of which are listed here.

  • To aid in the efforts to provide relief to people around the world suffering from poverty, broken homes, domestic abuse, addictions, and other suppressive forces

    Check out this section of my portfolio to see what I've been doing to reach this goal since the beginning of high school.

The Portfolio page lists in detail some of the projects I have worked on or am currently working on.