Professional Portfolio

Systems Programming:

  • Read & Write file system running in user space (FUSE-based) written entirely in C

  • Programmed L2 and L3 logic in generic network overlay stack (overlay system written by Professor)

  • Created lightweight HTTP server with limited feature set. Binaries for the following platform/architecture combinations available for Darwin x86 and Linux x86. The program supports attaching to IPv4 and IPv6 sockets and by default runs on a pseudo-randomly selected port on the loopback address. It looks for documents to serve in a directory called 'docs' in the directory the binary is ran from. A screenshot of the server running on my Macbook is below:

Software Testing & QA:

  • Increased breadth of code coverage and obtained complete case coverage in test cases where possible through methodical addition of test case logic and documentation. Below is an example of informal documentation I created at Front Porch in my effort to cover every combination of inputs for a system test case that needed revision. Through expanding coverage, a defect in code logic was uncovered.

Software Engineering:

  • I was a member of Team Los Chivos in Cal Poly's CSC 308/309 Software Engineering sequence.

  • During the design phase, I produced the following UML State Diagram to abstractly represent the event flow of the game we were designing.

Community Outreach & Poverty Relief:

  • Since my freshman year of high school, I have been making frequent visits to Tijuana, Mexico and working with various ministries there including orphanages, elderly care, house building, and a hospice. Since going for the first time with a church from the U.S., I have since made approximately 25 short trips to Tijuana and have developed relationships with many people affected by poverty and social issues, as well as those working with the various ministries.

  • My high school senior project consisted of studying Non-Government Organizations (NGO's) that deal with poverty-related issues and I worked with a non-profit in the East Bay Area to help meet the needs of low-income families in the area.